«It's cold»

Chelsea Manning sent to jail again.

Manning's attorney confirmed that she's been taken into custody, and told a reporter that the max time she could be held in contempt is the term of the grand jury, no more than 18 months but could be followed by a criminal charge. Manning's attorney primary concern at this point is her health while she's confined.

«This ain’t my first rodeo», Chelsea told her lawyer before she was confined.

She already spent 7 years in detention, whose conditions were deemed "inhumane" by the UN, and two months in a military cage in Koweit, tortured and forced to be naked all time. In detention in the US she tried twice to commit suicide, the first time she has been sentenced to total confinement and the second time was during this confinement.

Now she is jailed for refusing to testify againt Wikileaks and Julian Assange to secret grand jury.

A reporter told that when Chelsea Manning first came to talk to the about 6 members of the media there including him he said «I can’t believe this is everyone.»

«That’s what happens. It’s cold.» Manning replied.

What is also fucking cold is the lack of reaction from all the usual defenders of the freedom of the press who do not protest against the fact that a secret court exercises a coercive imprisonment against the source of a journalist, to force her to speak against him.

As it has been said, Chelsea Manning, who has mostly left-wing supporters while Wikileaks has been unfairly perceived as helping the right in the past few years, could have been a hero to the left and sold out Julian Assange in this secret court, but she refused with tremendous courage.

It is possible to write to Chelsea to show your support at this address:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

More details · Please also consider making a donation to Chelsea Manning Legal Fund.

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